February 5, 2023

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Thick fog is spoiling Syring Union: Halftime game halted 0-2 for Brussels residents, second half Tuesday night |  Jupiler Pro League

Thick fog is spoiling Syring Union: Halftime game halted 0-2 for Brussels residents, second half Tuesday night | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueSyring Union is on strike after only one run. Not because of a sudden aura wave, but because of a thick curtain of mist that made playing football impossible at Stade de Payray. Brussels took a 0-2 lead after 45 minutes, but the second half will be played later. Meanwhile, the Pro League confirmed that the remaining 45 minutes will take place next Tuesday (8 pm).

Vision was anything but in the first half. You can hardly see both goals from midfield. The goalkeeper in it was completely hidden from view. The beginning explained well what was to come. Undav did not hesitate and tried to surprise the goalkeeper from the penalty spot, but Galley somehow saw the orange ball coming. By the way, Syring would have had trouble if two of those “high definition” orange balls flew over the stands. The ball boys with them were only yellow and white.

The match after that, twice lost the ball into the midfield, Syring turbidly collapsed. Touma grabbed the ball first from Piero and sent Undav into the street. Push the ball into the short corner. Twenty minutes later, Vanzer managed to recover the ball and did not make a mistake. Union was already ten years old after Bagger brought down the broken Mikotadze. However, the captain remained the most dangerous team, and Syring could only threaten through Kilota, but Maurice dived well into his feet.

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Before the start of the second half, referee Wesli De Cremer went to take another look. He sent his assistant to the other side of the field and when it turned out he didn’t see him, he stopped the game. Half an hour later, it was assessed – as stipulated in the regulations -. Obviously the vision has not improved enough so the rest of the match will be played later. The teams will start again next Tuesday at 8 pm.

Small details: Due to the postponement of another match, Zulte Waregem-Oostende, this match has been moved from 4.15pm to 6.30pm. At four in the evening, there was no fog in Seraeng.

Seraing-Union is the third game that can’t (completely) happen today. Earlier in the day, KV Mechelen did not show up to visit OH Leuven. The people of Mechelen wanted to postpone their concert due to a string of coronavirus infections, but the Pro League calendar committee refused. Malinoa risks a decisive defeat. Zolt Vargym obtained the required postponement for her match against KV Oostende. Covid-19 was also the culprit in Essevee.


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Neukop: “At a certain point, visibility was very limited”

“It was tough,” said Etihad right-back Bart Neukop at Eleven Sports. “At first it was fine, but at some point it was really hard to see. Especially when I was back, it was really hard to see the ball when the defenders played it. I didn’t even see the second goal. I saw everyone cheering, so I knew we scored the goal. “.


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