January 28, 2023

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Thierry Neuville is third in Monte Carlo: “I don’t know why I can’t match the Toyota era” | gathering

The WRC season kicks off this weekend with the Monte Carlo Rally. How did Thierry Neuville perform on the first date of the year? We’re following it closely here.

position after 2 days
1. Sebastien Ogier (FRA/Toyota) at 1h26’39”
2. Kali Rovanpera (VIN / Toyota) at 36 in
3. Thierry Neuville (hyundai) 37 “9
4. Ott Tanak (Estonian/Ford) 54″ 2
5. Elfyn Evans (GBr/Toyota) 1’02” 3
  1. 6pm 28. Neuville 4th to 3rd. Sébastien Ogier (Toyota) leads steadily at Rallye Monte Carlo after the second day of competition. The 39-year-old Frenchman is 36 seconds ahead of fellow Finn Kali Rovanpera. Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20) was third at 37″ 9. Today’s bone drying 6 stage classification was presented to Neuville and his team mates. Ogier immediately took the lead with a win in the morning’s 3rd stages. Elfyn Evans (Toyota) was more or less the only one He couldn’t get close to the Frenchman until the puncture, losing a 43″ 4 and dropping to fifth. Neuville took advantage of Evans’ misfortune to move into second place, just behind defending champion Rovanperä. Ogier, Evans and Rovanperä all won a GC stage in the afternoon, meaning Toyota had won all of the GC stages in the first two days of competition. “We can’t match their times. I don’t know why,” said Neuville, who finished the day in third place. “This evening we had a similar choice of tyres. I thought we could match her pace now, but we haven’t.” & nbsp; .
  2. 18:27. We cannot match the times of Ogier, Evans and Rovanpera. I do not know why. Thierry Neuville.
  3. January 20, 2023.
  4. 11:30 pm. Novell: “The engine has stopped.” At the start of the second stage, Neuville was a bit excited and skidded, after which the engine stalled. “To be honest, I don’t know what happened. There was absolutely no grip. I wasn’t the first to go far. When I saw the tracks it was already too late. The engine stopped and I was 7. 8 seconds wasted.” On Friday there are 2 episodes of 3 rounds each. There is no service during the afternoon and only tires can be changed. .
  5. 23:27. Ogier wins 2 stages on day 1, Neuville 4. Sebastien Ogier immediately sets the mood with his Toyota on the first rally day of 2023. The Frenchman, who has 8 world titles, won 2 stages on the opening day. He counts 6 seconds ahead of Britain’s Elfyn Evans (Toyota), Estonian Ott Tanak (Ford) is third at 15’4, Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) fourth at 15’5. Finland’s World Cup leader Kali Rovanpera follows by 1.5 seconds behind his compatriot in Five years old. Monte Carlo started with the ascent of the Col de Turenne, which is a classic. The rating stages were very dry. Ogier immediately led the fastest time and was 1.3 seconds faster than Elfyn Evans. Neuville has been in third for 6 seconds already. Same scenario in the second stage with Ogier, who was now 4.7 seconds faster than Evans. Thierry Neuville was fourth fastest at 9.5 seconds. .
  6. 19-01-2023.
  7. 6:07 p.m., all set to become world champion this time. A reliable car will get you far, though you also need a dose of luck and you need to be able to score points in the races that suit you less. However, I think it will be hard to beat Tanak if he has a good car. Thierry Neuville.
  8. 6:06 p.m. The main teams and their drivers. Ford: – Out Tank (Est) – Pierre-Louis Loubet (Fra) – Co-Driver Nicolas Gilsoul (Bel) Hyundai: – Thierry Neuville – Martin Wedeig – Isabica Labbe (Vin) Toyota: – Elfyn Evans (GBR) – Calle Rovanpera (Vin) ).
  9. 11h30.
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