February 8, 2023

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Thieves steal €400,000 in gold from a car at a gas station along the E34: "I tried exactly the same thing six weeks ago" (Benenland)

Thieves steal €400,000 in gold from a car at a gas station along the E34: “I tried exactly the same thing six weeks ago” (Benenland)

The European Retie gold standard trades in gold and silver in the form of coins and bars. An employee of the company, carrying a load of precious metals in his regular car, was on his way to customers in Antwerp when he stopped in Gerl (Lille) to refuel at a Texaco station next to the E34. The moment he walked in to pay, the robbers hit.

“Unidentified men broke the rear window of the car and broke the front seat back,” says European Gold Standard general manager Johnny Verkorringen. It happened in broad daylight, under the noses of many witnesses. They started screaming and screaming, and some of them even managed to photograph something. In their rush to get away in their own car, the robbers dropped a few bags. So we can recover part of the loot.”

The brutal robbery took place in broad daylight at the busy gas station next to the E34 at night. © RR

previous theft

In the car, gold and silver coins and some gold bars were stored in special boxes. Since the employee is traveling in an unidentified vehicle, the manager assumes that the criminals have followed him since leaving the company on Sint-Martinusstraat in Retie.

“You don’t randomly open a car and go looking for gold. Besides, we went through the exact same thing six weeks ago. It happened here on our site, with the same employee and the same car. Then he packed the load in the car and covered it up, and then he came to sign the papers. When he came out again Another, the back window was smashed. I think it’s almost the same culprits. Fortunately, the stolen items were smaller then, today (Tuesday, ed.) All this amounts to 400,000 euros. We will know tomorrow how much was recovered (Wed, ed.) passes.”

Johnny Verkorringen, managing director of European Gold Standard, assumes that these are the same thieves who also struck six weeks ago. © RR

Dutch Fiat

According to photos taken by bystanders, the gold thieves rushed in a red 2004 Fiat Panda. It had Dutch number plate 86-PF-TJ. I have passed this information on to the police, and hope they don’t wait long to track down these guys. Otherwise, all of our materials will be sold out.”

According to the data of the European gold standard itself, the exchange rate for gold on the day of the brutal robbery is 54,405 euros per kilo, and for silver you pay 661 euros per kilo. People react to news of theft covered by insurance. Insurance does not cover anything here! The fact that we drive an ordinary car is precisely to avoid being in the spotlight. I’m really not good at it. Everyone works hard, but with Corona and the current crisis, we are all going through very difficult times. Gold is scarce, but it is almost impossible to exchange gold or silver in banks at the moment.

Theft of 2016

The company also fell victim to criminal offenses in 2016. The gangsters then pretended to be a very wealthy Lebanese family interested in gold coins. When director Verkuringen and his staff arrived at the rendezvous point in Antwerp, they were robbed almost immediately. Then the value of the stolen amounted to 82 thousand euros in gold, but the perpetrators were later caught and convicted.

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