May 30, 2023

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Thinking about self-reliance in cancer

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Leeuwarden – How do you look after each other if you need help and support if you have cancer and paid care is under stress?

11 April Leeuwarden

On April 11, is organizing an anniversary get-together at De Skulp in Leeuwarden. Who it’s for: People with cancer and their loved ones who want to use their experience for more informal support to others in the future are highly encouraged to consider this.

More attention to informal care is needed

The number of people with cancer will increase by twenty percent in the coming years. While less and less hands come to bed. Mutual care will become more important in the lives of patients and their loved ones.

“People who have experienced this disease themselves know better than anyone what problems a cancer patient faces, and what support is needed,” says Chris van Vlissingen, director of This is the idea behind the meeting. We want to know what is going on and what can do to provide guidance for people with and after cancer in the future.

A special meeting and greeting for young people

To start a network with and for young people with cancer in Friesland A special warm welcome is given to young people (20-30 years old) who would like to consider how they can support their peers in Friesland. The Young Patient Organization and the Cancer Foundation will be present especially for the Youth Meet on April 11th.

Looking forward to the next 10 years is organizing this meeting because it has been around for 10 years. She is using this to look forward to the next ten years. is committed to the quality of life of people with and after cancer and their loved ones. offers accessible and reliable medical information and puts fellow patients in touch with each other.

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Register to participate via

The meeting will take place in Leeuwarden on 11 April and will start at 5:30 pm and end at 9:00 pm. The program consists of: a festive reception with snacks and drinks, conversation sessions to translate people’s experiences into advice for the future, a musical finale and drinks to get to know each other.

  • Date: April 11th
  • Location: IPSO De Skulp Center Kurioskerk site at Julianalaan 38 in Leeuwarden.
  • Times: The program starts at 5:30 pm with a snack and a drink and ends at 9 pm.

More information and registration for the meeting can be found here

Results on the political and political agenda

Input from people in the country will be presented at a closing conference on June 15 and will be presented to the organizations responsible for policy in oncology in order to make agreements with them on how to better organize and facilitate informal care so that the patient is in the future. He can become more self-reliant.