December 1, 2022

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This company won't wait until January to index wages: 'Life is getting expensive fast'

This company won’t wait until January to index wages: ‘Life is getting expensive fast’

Harold Boyle, CEO of Sofina Holdings © Bart Dewelly

Sofina Investment Group is not waiting for the January wage index. The holding company actually gives its non-bonus employees a pay raise. We also read newspapers and see our bills rising. Life quickly becomes more expensive. “He’s Playing Now,” CEO Harold Boyle says in an interview. the time.

source: the time

The 70 white-collar workers fall under the Joint Commission 200, which provides for a one-time adjustment for inflation annually in January. But Sophia won’t wait for that. According to Boyle, they’re not the only ones doing this. It seems that “although we are in a difficult year like this, we don’t have lessons to teach other companies”. The holding company has limited costs and enough margin to help employees now. “Others may not have this space or much less.”

According to De Tijd, this is not the first time Sofina has given something to her employees. Last year, employees were given an extra 40 days of vacation as compensation for hard work during the coronavirus pandemic. The stock price is not doing well. It has lost 60 percent this year, although Boyle remains confident in the long-term strategy.


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