December 9, 2022

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This could cause the cryptocurrency market to crash!

This could cause the cryptocurrency market to crash!

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The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Queen Piece I started. The Securities and Exchange Commission is similar to the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. The Securities and Exchange Commission says Coinbase has several cryptocurrencies traded on its platform that are not registered asGuaranteesAccording to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, most cryptocurrencies are securities and there is specific legislation to this effect in the United States.

Securities Commission to investigate Coinbase; Will the crypto market collapse because of this?

What does this mean for you? These types of situations cause a lot of turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, but also the stock market. Coinbase shares fell sharply last night. For example, ARK Invest sold 1.4 million shares. The disruption could then also lead to a decrease in the amount of cryptocurrency being bought, as people don’t know where they are.

Currently, the Bitcoin (BTC) price I just stepped up. This increase may be related to technical analysis, especially Fibonacci levels Which we talked about in a previous video. Technical analysis looks good at the moment, but fundamental analysis is clearly much less good. For this reason, it is currently uncertain what will happen in the market in the coming period. That is also why I sit and watch how the situation develops.

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