July 21, 2024

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This country supplies the Netherlands with the largest number of electric vehicles (after Germany).

This country supplies the Netherlands with the largest number of electric vehicles (after Germany).

Do you know which is the largest tire manufacturer in the world? If you haven’t cheated, you’re wrong anyway: it’s Lego. Well, another question: If you had to guess which country after Germany has the most electric cars in the Netherlands, what would you think? Maybe Japan? Or even South Korea? Or could it actually be China? It’s a country where you can’t name a car brand easily: Belgium.

The Central Bureau of Statistics looked at the value of electric cars crossing the border here. Logically speaking, Germany takes first place with €4.3 billion worth of electric and hybrid vehicles. but after that: Belgium comes in second place with 1.1 billion euros Of electrified things. South Korea comes in third place with 0.5 billion euros and China is now in fourth place with 0.4 billion euros.

Belgium doesn’t have any car brands, right?

What cars come from Belgium? The country does not have its own brand of cars, with thousands of them sold in the Netherlands. Volvo has a factory in Belgium where it produces the popular EX40 (formerly XC40). The EX30 will also be coming soon from Belgium. Audi has a factory in Forrest City. There, employees assemble the Audi Q8 e-tron.

There are a lot of things coming from China

Statistics Netherlands reports that at least 1.1 billion euros of Chinese electric and hybrid vehicles will arrive in the Netherlands in 2023. This amount is thirteen times higher than in 2022. However, not all of this is intended for our market, because a significant part From it it goes to other European countries. If you look at all new cars, the share of Chinese cars in the Netherlands was only 2.8 percent.

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