February 1, 2023

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This face mask allows you to take calls without being heard by passersby

For people who regularly want to make a video call or conference in crowded public places, such as a train or airport, the startup believes skyted to get a solution.

The company is developing a mouth mask that, with built-in microphones and special materials, ensures that people around you can’t hear what you’re saying. People on the other side of the line are also less disturbed by ambient noise, because the mask partially filters it.

Do not eavesdrop and disturb colleagues less

The French company believes that the mask is useful for business conversations in public transport or in other areas with many people, so that passers-by cannot eavesdrop on sensitive matters. It can also be useful in workplaces so as not to disturb colleagues and during nighttime gaming sessions so as not to wake up roommates.

The mask absorbs 80 percent of sound and the built-in microphone blocks ambient noise. Skyted says normal breathing is possible through the mask. “The airflow can move in and out of the mask without restriction.” The mask, which weighs 220 grams, can be connected via Bluetooth to smartphones and other devices.

Skyted founder Stefan Hirsen previously worked for Airbus. He presented a prototype of the mask last week at the CES Technology Show in vegas. “Being from the aerospace industry, it makes sense to use a space acoustic absorber. Our mask is made of materiall, an acoustic liner originally developed to dampen the noise of jet engines.” Price not yet known.