February 1, 2023

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This is how much battery power the Always On display takes

The Always On display is one of the novelties of the iPhone 14 Pro. Many users are still skeptical about the impact of the battery. This is finally clear now.

iPhone 14 Pro has undergone some noticeable changes compared to its predecessor. Not just now Dynamic IslandAlso, the screen is always on top. At least, if you leave the Always On function turned on. But is this a good idea or is it disastrous for the battery?

Always on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple chose the Always On display for several reasons. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro has a dynamic refresh rate. If the screen reduces image refresh, it costs less energy. Speaking of less power: the A16 chip is more efficient, which also requires less power. These two things now make it possible.

Although it costs less energy, it still uses more energy than leaving your screen completely off. But how much exactly? PhoneBuff tested it over a 24 hour period.

iPhone 14 Pro is always on
Always available! (photo: Apple)

Three different options

In total, there are three different ways to set up your iPhone 14 Pro screen. You can choose between wallpaper, text only, or turn it off completely. The last option is of course the most energy efficient, but what about the other two?

According to the YouTube channel It takes 16 percent of your battery to keep the Always On screen with wallpaper for 24 hours. The text option doesn’t make any difference, because that also costs you 16 percent battery life.

own selection

It may not sound like a lot, but that’s quite a bit of battery usage in a day. It is possible that your iPhone 14 Pro is connected to the Internet, the location is transmitted and you are using different apps. This, of course, leads to more waste.

So you have to choose for yourself whether you want to spend extra power on the Always On screen or whether you simply need the entire battery for your apps and other functions.

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This is how much battery the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always On display consumes

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