September 22, 2023

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This is how the Ford Kuga was improved

This is how the Ford Kuga was improved

The SUV you know in Europe as the Ford Kuga is known as the Escape in the United States. Ford has now introduced the Enhanced Escape to the American public and thus we also know in what form Ford will use the improved Kuga. Although the Kuga interface has been completely overhauled, all may come as no surprise to the avid visitor of AutoWeek. We can offer you the revamped Escape / Kuga Already twice earlier without stickers to present.

Ford Kuga before a facelift.

The Ford Escape and therefore the Kuga will have a completely different face thanks to the arrival of new headlights. The lighting units are visually lower in the nose and flatter than the pulled-back versions of the original. The headlights are pressed against the edge of the hood and given a stubborn nod. The network is also quite new. It is lower in height, like the headlights, from now on it connects to the hood. From now on, Ford will place its logo centrally in the grille, so it is no longer between the grille and the hood. On the upper edge of the grille, Ford places an LED strip that visually connects the headlights. For the touch-up, Ford had to completely modify the hood, which is certainly not uncommon with facelifts.

The rear of the Ford Kuga is treated with less aggressiveness. For example, the taillights retain their familiar shape, despite the change in their design. Here, too, we see a new bumper. A striking detail: the tailgate handle, which was in the middle of the lower part of the hatch, gave way to a copy more attractively hidden in the “canopy” above the license plate. Inside, Ford installs a larger infotainment screen now at 13.2 inches. Behind the steering wheel are 12.3-inch digital instruments.

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Ford Escape (Kuga)

Enhanced escape with a larger infotainment screen.

Ford is also supplying the Escape in the United States as an ST-Line sports car for the first time. The Escape features a 180 hp and 1.5 hp EcoBoost petrol engine with front or all-wheel drive, and is also available as a hybrid. Additionally, Ford is offering a 250 hp version with a 2.0 EcoBoost power supply. More choice of engine? Sure, Ford is also offering the Escape in the US with a 210-horsepower plug-in hybrid drive. Ford supplies the Kuga in the Netherlands only as a PHEV, even though it has 225 horsepower with us.

Ford Kuga

Since the launch of the Dutch market first generation koja In 2008, Ford sold more than 15,400 units in the Netherlands over three generations. Last year, the model had its best-seller when 2,850 Kugas left Dutch showrooms. Ford also sells the Kuga In China it’s like running awaybut there again the cross has a nose entirely of its own.

A modified Ford Kuga intended for Europe and therefore the Netherlands as well – which will resemble this escape like two drops of water – is expected to be presented later.