February 2, 2023

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This is how you choose the interior designer that suits you best

This is how you choose the interior designer that suits you best

How can an interior designer help you?

From a complete home redecoration to a simple room makeover. An interior designer—also known as an interior designer—does it all. Interior design is all about creating a certain atmosphere. Something you can achieve with the right furniture, colours, lighting, materials and styles.

Based on the design concept, you will see what your new interior will look like. Typically, designers do this on the basis of a drawing, mood board, and/or 3D visualization. Nowadays, even with highly advanced technology, you can get a realistic picture of how the color of a wall or piece of furniture will look in your home. This prevents you from making mistakes, such as a bad impulsive purchase or purchasing a product with dimensions that do not fit into the space at all.

your own preferences

Your current inner self and personal desires play a major role in inner counseling. It’s not necessarily about vacating your entire home so everything can be purchased again. Your home stays in a new jacket! So it is certainly possible to maintain the personal touch of a room by highlighting certain hobbies or interests. During the conversation, don’t be shy about showing who you are and what you value. Only in this way will your new interior truly feel like home.

out to investigate

Avoid disappointments and do your research before speaking to an interior designer. Do you have people in your neighborhood, friends or family who have recently renovated their interiors? Who do they recommend?

If you already have a very clear idea of ​​what style you want to see in your home, this can also be the basis for your choice. There are interior designers who have a distinctive style. You will soon see this reflected in the online portfolio or on social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram. Want to make sure you’re dealing with a professional? via the Internet portal of BNS Crisp You can take a look at the portfolios of more than 300 fashion designers who are members of the professional guild.

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If you already have a floor plan and room and furniture dimensions, it’s a good idea to take them with you to the designer. You may have created your own mood board with examples of spaces you like. Visualizing this for the designer will make communication easier. Your budget isn’t completely unimportant to take into consideration. Therefore, before making agreements with the designer, make agreements with yourself (and your partner) about the budget.

so i trust

Despite the fact that it is a working relationship, it is very nice if there is a click. So take your feelings into account in your final decision. Are you confident that the designer will create something beautiful? Sharing ideas together and being on the same page can make the creative process a lot more fun!