March 25, 2023

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This is the day of 2022!  - E-Commerce

This is the day of 2022! – E-Commerce

He. She a program From EDAY, on October 6, it’s almost over. It will be the first physical EDAY in two years and the location will remain unchanged: Kromhouthal in the north of Amsterdam, easily accessible by ferry, metro and leg.

EDAY kicks off at 10 a.m. with Major Trevor McFedries telling the story of Friends with Benefits on the big stage. What will be the future of decentralized media? What is meant by Web3?

Guccu’s EMEA Director Maria von Schell-Blessen will be reporting to you around 11am about digitization and digital transformation in terms of e-commerce and consumer insights, not to mention the metaverse.

Over the past decade, China has experienced a digital revolution that has radically changed the lives of tens of millions of Chinese. What applications does Generation Z use, who are their most important influencers and how are digital trends impacting their daily lives? Chinese expert Manya Coetzee (12 noon) believes there is a lot of nonsense being written about China. The correct story can be found on her What on Weibo website.

Elaine Kasket (14.15) takes you on a fascinating ride through the Valley of Digital Death. A fresh look at your legacy.

Every aspect of our existence is related to storytelling. But resurrecting stories requires an entirely new skill. Earl (4 p.m.) is a Marvel Comics writer. His focus is on creating multimedia experiences in entertainment using new and emerging technologies such as digital tokens.

The second stage is next to the main stage. This is where the latest advances in artificial intelligence come in. You will hear about the role artificial intelligence plays in the future of innovation at 11 am from Daniel Hulme (WPP).

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Neil Watson (at noon) believes that revolutionary new AI technologies based on switches will have a devastating impact on many industries.

Elizabeth Wesinger (NYU) will be talking about biodesign and biomanufacturing at 12:40 pm.

AI can be used to analyze media, but it can also be used to create media. What does that mean for makers? Hendrik Vincent Koops (14.15) works at RTL and is the co-organizer of the AI ​​Song Contest.

The Port of Rotterdam will become a technology mecca with drones, IoT sensors, autonomous ships, and smart software. Oscar van Veen paints the future around 3pm.

Platform 3 is dedicated to developments outside the usual e-commerce domain.

Rob van Kranenburg (11 a.m.) thinks and writes about the digital changes of our time, especially the Internet of Things. In 2009, he founded the Internet of Things Council with the goal of discussing acceleration and transformation in a sensor-driven world with more stakeholders than just engineers. This way we can make the Internet of Things accessible to everyone.

Around 12:00 Kian van der Enden (Qutech) will take you into the world of its smallest. The quantum internet is the only way quantum computers can share information. How do you build such an Internet? What is quantum teleportation and why is it useful? Is this new internet really impenetrable?

Delft Kitepower (12.40) continues the legacy of the Wubbo Ockels. As early as 1993, the Ockels had the idea of ​​generating power using kites. After three successful pilots and nine versions of the Kitepower system, start-up Delft is ready for the next stage: commercialization of its first Airborne Wind System (AWES).

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In terms of innovations, it’s hard to ignore the Lightyear solar car (14.15). About five years ago they were still brainstorming in the student room, in 2022 there was a very modern factory in Helmond and this fall the first car that runs almost entirely on sunlight will roll off the production line. Gearte Nynke Noteboom and Liz Engelberts speak on behalf of Lightyear.

What is the role of quantum technology development in the Netherlands? You’ll hear it from Jesse Robers (Quantum Delta) around 4 p.m.

The fourth stage is the smallest stage. Here you can hear all about storytelling (10.55), analytics (12.00), compositable technology (12.40), the media industry (14.15) and digital content (16.00).

EDAY’s closing event will be the announcement of the Top 10 European Startups at 5pm, the selection of Europe’s top tech startups.

Not in the mood for lectures? Learn about the latest tools on the show floor.