July 20, 2024

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This is what the new “Big Brother” house looks like

This is what the new “Big Brother” house looks like

What instantly stands out about this new “Big Brother” home: Lots of flashy color.

Big Brother is back for the third year in a row, and it doesn’t look like the reality show will be disappearing from the tube again in the near future. Play4 released the first images of the new home on Tuesday morning as the candidates will be confined voluntarily next week. What immediately stands out compared to previous years: lots of flashy colours.

Wout destiny

Therefore, “color” is the theme of the season. “I am fascinated by how the colors work together,” says designer Frank Visser. “This remodeling was an excellent job for me. I mainly used contrasts a lot. The room that stands out the most this season is the colorful bathroom: the bright blue and green tiles, along with the colorful joints, create a playful contrast.” Who are we to contradict an expert?

The new season – the first of the reboot in which Holland’s Geraldine Kemper is not assisted by Peter van de Veer, but Tatiana Belloy – will begin on Monday 9 January.

Designer Frank Visser’s masterpiece: the bathroom.

The bathroom, with blue-green tiles and colored grout.

Living room.

The back of the living room.

One of several bedrooms.

another bedroom.

Of course there is also a diary room.

And Big Brother wouldn’t be Big Brother without a jacuzzi.