September 22, 2023

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This pink cardigan from H&M is sure to win compliments

This pink cardigan from H&M is sure to win compliments

Could your fall wardrobe use a fresh update? Then we would like to present this favor Boucle jacket from H&M. Not in black or beige, but in hot pink. In other words: trend color for next fall. Right now, fashionistas are flocking to these jackets, and they are selling out very quickly. So be quick!

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Pink jacket from H&M


H&M / woven blazer

The finest fashions are now walking around in these types of stylish jackets no Chanel. H&M jacket is perfect for that, how chic is this jacket? You can team it with a white shirt (or a white satin blouse from Mango), a skinny turtleneck or a basic tee. This quality knit double breasted jacket is also quilted, so it can also be used as a jacket in between. As far as we’re concerned, it gets bonus points for the welt pockets, button closure at the bottom of the sleeves and the split at the back.

Is pink not your thing? Good news: the H&M jacket is also still available in the UK black or creamy white. It will be hard to choose…

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