December 7, 2023

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This rocky revenge movie continues to climb in the Netflix Top 10 list

This rocky revenge movie continues to climb in the Netflix Top 10 list

DevelopmentA stark revenge movie, written by Invisible Man-Director Lee and Anil It continues to climb into the Netflix Top 10.

It fell last weekend Development, which was added to the streaming service last week, is still outside the top three, but is now in second place. More and more Netflix viewers know where to find this print and that’s more than true. Development It is a very good movie after all.

The only title that Dutch audiences currently watch very often is rude / brassy (2022). In that movie, the detective writer is searching for the person who killed her sister. This is what upsets the police.

about this movie
Development Set in a futuristic world, it tells the story of car mechanic Gray Trace (a star role for Logan Marshall Green), which has absolutely nothing to do with all those modern technologies.

But after his wife is killed in a paralyzing accident, he decides to implant an experimental chip in himself to regain control of his body. He is looking for revenge.

Director Whannell explains that with a very modest budget, you can also make a good movie full of action and a beautiful atmosphere. Below you will find a trailer if you Development If you haven’t seen it yet and would like to get an impression of this title first.

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