July 24, 2024

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This Rotterdam couple participates in Temptation Island 2022

This Rotterdam couple participates in Temptation Island 2022

Attention fans and pace! From Thursday 28th April it’s lonely person time guilt pleasure† Then season 3 of ‘Experience Island: Love or Leave’ begins. We’ll look, because there are a couple of Rotterdam among the candidates.

In ‘Temptation Island: Love or Leave’ you follow the love adventures of four Dutch couples, who are dropped apart from each other in a house full of singles. Can they resist the temptation and is their partner him? Monica Josie and Cage Georges present the show that was taped in the Dominican Republic this season.

Whitney and Iris

After doing some research on Instagram, we quickly found a couple from Rotterdam: Whitney (34) and Iris (27). Whitney is athletic and balanced, but he has to prove himself this season to his direct and honest girlfriend. In recent years there have been some trust issues were in their relationship. So it is a case of the top or the bottom. Fun fact: Whitney is a firefighter and Iris is port security. It remains to be seen if they can save their relationship together…

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Photo: Tom Cornelsen

video country

The new season of ‘Temptation Island: Love or Leave’ can be watched weekly on Videoland starting April 28. It starts with two episodes, so you can plunge into all the drama right away… um, love!

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