June 10, 2023

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This summer, we’ll all want cowboy boots again (yes, really). This is how you will wear it in 2023 | Nina

After the biggest fiesta at Coachella, it seems certain: Cowboy boots are the new shoe of the moment. We’re all going to want to wear it this summer, says our style guru David DeFriedt. Yes, even you thought it was comical. But how do you design an eye-catching shoe? “This is the secret behind the great success of these shoes.”

Cowboy Boots: Initially worn by cowboys and cowboys in the Wild West on a farm (read: ranch), nowadays a real fashion item. Now also outside the festival grounds. From singers Drake and Lil Nas X to singer Dua Lipa, actresses Sydney Sweeney and Miley Cyrus: even the big stars are fans.

Partly thanks Coastal Cowgirltrend on social media. Simply put: dress western style. hashtag #retweet It already has about 63 million views on the video app TikTok. So at least popular.

(L to R) Lil’ Nas X, Sydney Sweeney and Dua Lipa © John Shearer / Rachpoot / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images for The Recording A / GC Images / Instagram @dualipa

And there is also a love for cowboy boots among fashion designers and fashion experts in our country. Since 2018, the trendy WECANDANCE festival in particular has put its boots on the map with its “acid cowboy” theme.

And now they are fully back. This is how the Flemish influencer walked Trix Aiden Priolz With 103,000 followers, she recently met her first husband. But how do you style these somewhat daring shoes without looking cheap or crazy? Fashion guru David Deffriendt offers some tips.

Why is this kitschy shoe so popular again?

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“A classic cowboy boot that was very popular in the ’70s and really saw a resurgence in the ’90s. Now it’s making a comeback,” says fashion journalist David Devrendt. “Especially because of festivals like Glastonbury, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. These festivals take place on grass or desert sand, so these shoes are very affordable and just right on point.”

Coachella Festival 2023.
Coachella Festival 2023. © Katie Jones / Christian Vierig / Matt Winkelmeyer / WWD via Getty Images / GC Images

“During the Corona period, we returned to a simpler and more authentic life. Cowboys are in great contact with nature and its surroundings, a way of life that we discovered during the lockdowns and now we want to keep it. Since we have been able to attend festivals en masse again, cowboy boots Check back for real.”


Our love of vintage shopping, something young people crave today, fuels this trend.

Fashion journalist David Defrinkt

The emergence of the “ranchor” or “cowboy” plays a role in this. From a cowboy hat to a leather jacket with fringes at the bottom of the sleeves, but also heavy denim, leather belts and bandanas are all back in fashion.” And it will stay that way for some time, according to the fashion expert.

“Our love of vintage shopping, something young people are eager to do today, is also fueling the trend,” he says. “Big brands like Celine, Dries Van Noten and Molly Goddard know this, and so they once again incorporate the cowboy boat into their collections.” Cowboy boots aren’t actually a trend, Devriendt says, but rather a shoe category and even a generic name in itself.

Left: Dries Van Noten podium.  Right: The runway's Molly Goddard.
Left: Dries Van Noten podium. Right: The runway’s Molly Goddard. © Dries Van Noten / Stuart Wilson / BFC / Getty Images

This is how you design it. “Anyone can wear it, dressy or casual”

Cowboy boots come in endless styles and all kinds of fashion colours. From black, white and bright blue to a typical cowboy or floral print. But also skinny or loose, with a sleek or more rustic futuristic silhouette and visible tights. You even have cowboy waders, who wrap your legs completely Kim Kardashian.


Team it with a sequin blouse for Dua Lipa style.

Fashion guru David Deffriendt

Anyone can wear the shoe. Styled it can be done a million different ways, elegant and casual, says Deffriendt. This is the secret behind the great success of these shoes. “It’s a versatile shoe,” said the fashion guru.

“If you want a classic look, wear them under a gorgeous floral, ultra-boho à la Kate Moss dress. Whether that dress is strapless or with sleeves, it doesn’t matter. Same for hem length, the shoes look great with both a mini skirt and a maxi dress.”

Edouard Berthelot/Christian Vereg/Getty Images
© Edouard Berthelot/Christian Vereg/Getty Images

Cowboy boots and denim are a killer combination. Something in silk or satin is nice for a nice contrast, says Defferendt. “The boot goes perfectly with pants. Get the perfect cowgirl look with skinny jeans as Celine pretends to be. Although it works well under a bootcut. Wear it with a sequin blouse for Dua Lipa style.”

“It’s the ’80s to tuck your pants into. Bones are also a good choice over leggings with a crop top or with a trench coat. You can work with layers and wear a dress over jeans and cowboy boots,” as copied by British fashion designer Molly Goddard. Nice and bold.”

“The cowboy boat is so fun. So pick a pair that fits you and your legs. Then you can start experimenting with all these different types of looks.”

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