June 5, 2023

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This was Finance Street 2021

On Saturday, it was held in Brussels on Finance Avenue, the largest exchange for de Tijd and de Pelleger. You’ve been given advice on your investments, your real estate at home and abroad, your pension and your possessions.

Traditionally, Finance Avenue began with a discussion of leading economists. Koen De Leus (BNP Paribas Fortis), Hans Dewachter (KBC) and Hans Bevers (Degroof Petercam) share insights on the state of the global economy and what the implications are for your investment portfolio in front of a crowded, compelling auditorium.

One of the topics discussed was, of course, high inflation. The big question is whether this increase in inflation is temporary or will it last longer.

Pensions Minister Karen Lallio (PS) is here to explain the pension reform. I have argued, among other things, for a reassessment of part-time jobs, so that more women more solid pension to get. At the same time, Lalieux wants to keep more people at work, among other things with a pension bonus for those who work over 42 and a part-time pension scheme.

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According to Finance Minister Vincent van Betteghem, we should not shy away from taboos if we are to evolve towards a more fair and impartial tax system.

This brings us to the topic of real estate. Notary Bart van Opstall and real estate specialist Friedrich Vandenhinde (investor) went In a discussion about the development of the real estate market and its impact on investor returns. The duo does not see prices go down immediately. Vandenhende also argued for lower registration fees for those who rent socially.

A topic that should not be missing: sustainable investment. VIPs from water recycling company Ekopak and farm holding company Sipef came to explain how ESG is a common thread through their business operations.

Another classic: pouring. Attorney Mark Delboe and civil notary Johnny Sutter hosted a discussion about Donation Techniques. Because it’s not because you donate something that you can no longer control the gift.

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Closing events were attended by equity specialists Gert Bakelants (Editor-in-chief De Belegger), Tom Simmonts (KBC Chief Economist), Geert de Messore (Independent Analyst), and Eric Jolly (Chief Economist and Strategist for ABN Amro). they said Preferred Stock.