March 28, 2023

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This way you can easily find keyboard shortcuts for your Chromebook

Of course you can go very far with the mouse, but there is also something about using hotkeys. It’s faster, you can just put your hands on the keyboard and – let’s be honest – it looks a lot more professional. But, how do you find these shortcuts quickly?

Keyboard shortcuts

Many people know Control-C and Control-V, but how do you quickly open a window, print something, or reopen a window? It pays to know key combinations, because you don’t have to be fussy. ChromeOS is full of shortcuts, and they’re the quickest way to get where you want to go.

Fortunately, you can easily enable the quick launch hub if you want to know a specific button combination. Whether you use it to teach yourself or just because you don’t want to learn it but want to keep researching it, it doesn’t matter. Soon, there will be just one shortcut you need to know or quickly access this key overview.

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chrome book

You can easily display the list of shortcuts by pressing Alt + / in a file chrome book. You will then see an open popup with various options such as Tabs, System Settings, Accessibility, and Common Shortcuts. Of course you can always Google the abbreviations, but that’s a little faster. Useful if you have no idea where the caps lock button is and how to still get the same effect (because, spoiler alert: there is no caps lock button on a Chromebook).

All you need to do now is to remember that one of the hot keys will allow you to access all the others. So this is Alt + /. Do not forget. This button combination only works on a Chromebook: if you do it in Windows, nothing happens.

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This is just a small selection of the many shortcuts on a Chromebook.

For more on keyboard shortcuts, you can also check out this handy Google help page Find a large battery of button combinations to make your laptop life easier.