December 9, 2022

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This way you can easily hide your online status

This way you can easily hide your online status

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that allows you to hide your online status from everyone. Hide your online status isn’t available to all Android and iOS users yet, but we’ll be happy to explain how to set it up when it comes up.

The online status masking feature can be published to all users at any time. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company Meta, announced Job Arrival At the beginning of August. An official date for the new feature has not been announced.

WhatsApp: Hide Online Status

Currently, only beta testers can start using the feature on WhatsApp for Android and iOS devices. However, it is already known how you can activate the function. For this you need to open WhatsApp settings, then click on the account press and for Privacy Determine. under preparation Last seen A list will appear again.

You can not only set who can see the last time you were online, but also whether you are currently online or offline. Good to know: If you do not share your online status, it will not be possible to see the online status of others. Bee Last seen Does this work too.

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More privacy features are on the way

Hide your online status isn’t the only privacy feature coming to WhatsApp in the near future. One such feature is leaving group chats without all group members seeing a message about it. So you can get out of those annoying group chats like a real ninja! Group chat administrators will continue to be notified of your departure.

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In addition, WhatsApp takes the extension View Once . profileWorking under the microscope. It has been possible for some time to send photos and videos that can only be opened once by the recipient. However, it is possible to take a screenshot or record a screen, and WhatsApp wants to do something about it. It is not yet known when these jobs will be available.

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