January 28, 2023

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This way you can save up to 40 percent on your dryer’s energy costs

Mine energyThe dryer is known as one of the largest energy consumers in the home. But you can partially control this energy consumption yourself. Comprehensive maintenance of your equipment can significantly reduce energy consumption and also contribute to fire safety. Mijnenergie.be Explain.

By Kurt Dimann, in association with Mijnenergie.be

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dried consumption

There are two types of dryers: the condensing model without a heat pump and the version with a heat pump. Appliances with a heat pump are the most numerous in the electrical appliance store today. They are preferred because of their low energy consumption.

A condenser without a heat pump consumes approximately 4 kWh per drying cycle, while 1.5 kWh can suffice for a dryer with a heat pump and a suitable power label.

With the average price for electricity via Mijnenergie.be, which is 47.09 euro cents, you pay € 1.88 and € 0.71 respectively for one drying cycle.

Hint: You can use the MyEnergy.be comparison tool to see how much you could save by switching to another energy supplier.

Savings through regular filter maintenance

The dryer requires regular maintenance. This way you ensure that the device stays in good condition and reduces energy consumption. This maintenance takes very little time. It is sufficient to clean the lint filter and empty the water from the collection bowl after each cycle. It is best to clean the fine filter near the condenser of condensing dryers after every ten drying cycles.

In some rotary dryers, energy consumption increases significantly when the filters are full. Dutch consumer organization Consumentenbond.nl reports an increase of up to 40 percent.

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With a condenser you pay an extra 0.75€ per drying cycle, with a heat pump device 0.28€. It may not sound like much, but for those who run a hundred cycles a year, a minimal amount of effort is enough to save a few tens of euros.

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Also think about your safety

Consumentenbond.nl also indicates an increased risk of fire in poorly maintained drying cabinets. The platform sees dust in the device as an important cause. “The dryer can overheat if it cannot dissipate the heat, in part because the filter is clogged. This overheating increases the risk of a home fire.

Clothes dryer within rated capacity

Mijnenergie.be has developed an app that allows you to review the impact of the capacity rate on your energy bill. After all, the dryer is one of the biggest energy consumers in the home.

Those with a digital meter can read real consumption data and peak consumption for personal simulation. You will also instantly discover the impact of higher or lower peak consumption on your energy bill. You can find this application in the box below.

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