May 30, 2023

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This will also be in your home: All about the smart home standard Article – Image and sound – Videos

Beautiful video. In other explainers, it is not clear that thread and matter are actually tcp/ip and http/html. Thread also relies on low power 6 Luban networks that they’ve been working on for over 15 years in the IETF (just as delay tolerant networks are, for example, for interplanetary communication or over a downed network, which can sometimes take a long time to send packages everywhere). which also partially applies to low-power networks with all kinds of sleep modes)

There is indeed a chance that we will now have some sort of browser wars again, with additional standards on top of the current standard, but it would probably be fine again, by adding extensions to the base standard (such as Internet browser Eve only extensions (use energy)) or by improving them browsers Management apps like Home Assistant that also implement the extra options so you can still arrange everything centrally, but maybe not across every configuration app.

Finally… all this “no smart home crap in my house!” Folks… think of it as “smart” phones, you’re not going to run away from it. Energy meters with P1 outlet, thermostats with ever expanding controls, new intercom systems for apartments that you can also operate/use on your phone. Stuff, but are you still addicted?

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