May 30, 2023

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This will change from May 1st: Parking in Brussels is more expensive and Proximos raise prices |  the interior

This will change from May 1st: Parking in Brussels is more expensive and Proximos raise prices | the interior

In the center of the capital, parking will become more expensive from May 1, both to discourage long-term parking and to encourage drivers to use public parking. In addition, a resident card becomes more expensive than a second car. Proximus is implementing significant price increases for its popular communications packages Flex and Epic.

The biggest change is taking place in the Pentagon for the city of Brussels and in the area around Rue Louise and the European region from the Arts Code to the Schumann roundabout: from green areas to gray areas and thus more expensive areas. In the gray area, parking time is limited to 4.5 hours, and motorists pay €2 for the first hour, €3 for the next three hours and €1.5 for the last half hour. In addition, payment must be made until 9 pm, not until 6 pm.

Parking in the event area will be new. This rate will be used for winter fun at the end of this year. Parking in that area costs €10 per hour, and parking is also limited to 4.5 hours.

“A lot of public spaces are currently being used as car parks,” Brussels Alderman Bart Dhondt (Green) said during approval at the Brussels City Council at the end of last year. “Parking on the street all day is no longer justified, especially if there is a safe public parking, underground or above ground 100 meters away. We are using the available space to make our city more attractive to the residents of Brussels themselves and its thousands of visitors.”

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There’s a little change for Brussels residents who like to park their cars on the street every day. The cost of the first residence card will still be 10 euros, but the price of the second residence card will increase from 50 to 110 euros. The third residence card is cancelled. If you want to receive someone, you can request a visitor card.

Proximus Flex and Epic are getting more expensive

In January, Proximus actually raised rates for a number of older formulas. Now keep track of popular Flex and Epic packages. Business Flex packages for businesses are also getting more expensive. This relates to an increase in prices from 3 to 4 euros per month, which Proximus indicated an increase in the costs of wages and technological equipment.

For example, a basic Flex subscription with Internet and TV only will cost €63.99 per month from May instead of €59.99. This is an increase of 6.7 percent. For those who take the two mobile subscriptions, the price goes up from €83.99 to €88.99, or plus 6 percent.

Not everything gets more expensive: the entry-level subscription to fixed internet is a little cheaper. It will cost €25 per month instead of €27.50. The name changes from Internet Start to Internet Essential. A monthly size of 100 GB is included and the download speed is up to 50 MB per second.