December 7, 2023

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Thousands of Belgian ships rescued from the container park |  my guide

Thousands of Belgian ships rescued from the container park | my guide

Thousands of steamers that were unusable after the food can supplier in Ghent, Mealhero, will be given a second life. Soon it will be possible to make any meal with appliances.

Mealhero smart steamer users can order lunch boxes from the company. Of the ingredients that were given to them, they had to scan the packaging. Then the device knew how long to cook the food. The big problem: Milhero put the books away at the end of August and couldn’t find a buyer. So it seemed like thousands of steamers had matured for the container park. But Mealhero entrepreneur and cheerleader Peter de Mille is working on a solution. He did not acquire Mealhero but founded a new company and purchased the rights to the Smart Steamer.

Peter de Mille wants to breathe new life into Mealhero. © Peter de Mel

scan stickers

“In the first phase, we want to sell labels that people can scan with their steamer,” Peter tells us. There are, for example, five, ten or fifteen minutes. So by doing that, they can use that device again, but to prepare any meal.”

So users can simply get the ingredients from the supermarket and then prepare them. The advantage of the Mealhero steamer is that it has three heating elements at the same time, so everything can be heated at the same time: “Mealhero has had many fans. We hope they form an online community and share which ingredients work best in this steamer and timer that it takes to prepare.

There are no lunch boxes of their own

Pieter will no longer market its food cans as the original “Mealhero”. But he wants to open the steamer to other companies that want to do so: “Catering caterers, for example, or other companies can offer their food can labels as a reward working with the steamer. We are still looking for partners.”


We are still looking for partners to add additional labels to their lunch boxes

Peter de Mel, Melhero

“We want to evolve toward an ecosystem where other parties offer meals or ingredients that are ready to steam again,” he says. “What the original entrepreneurs behind Mealhero did was a great story. I’ve used it myself for four years. They’ve also developed a great device and nice service. But we won’t serve this food ourselves anymore.”

Belgian product

Mealhero steamers are made in Belgium. Peter doesn’t yet want to say what the future plans for the hardware are: “We want to get existing hardware back on again right now,” he said. “This was also my motivation, to prevent throwing them away.”

In the questionnaire that you can fill out on the Mealhero website, you can indicate that you are interested in a “new steamer”. This indicates that the new company has plans to go further. But he won’t say anything about it for now.

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