December 7, 2023

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Three bags for the price of one: Hermès finds Bi...

Three bags for the price of one: Hermès finds Bi…

French fashion house Hermès gives the icon BirkinsuitcaseNamed after actress Jane Birkin, it has a new twist. Thanks to the removable interior, you can wear the desired bag in three ways, not one. So, more value for money, although the classic entry level model comes at a hefty price.

Hanne Vandenweghe

This fall, the house will introduce the “Birkin 3-in-1,” a handbag that – as the name suggests – should be more multifunctional than the standard model. The new design can be used as a standard Birkin bag, tote bag or clutch.

The design is conceived as a puzzle and consists of a classic bag made of brown calfskin. It has a removable canvas and leather bag, which can be used separately as a handbag. When connected to each other, the inner compartment acts as a cover for the bag. Together, the two make up the Lowell Birkin Trombe. The puzzle game of the luxury French brand comes at a price: for 14,000 euros, the bag is yours.

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The legendary Birkin bag was designed in 1984 after former Hermès President Jean-Louis Dumas sat next to Britain’s Jane Birkin on a plane. He heard her complain about not having a handbag big enough to carry all her belongings and took action. The bag is handcrafted from the finest quality leather. Auctioned copies always fetch a record amount.

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