July 21, 2024

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Three Grands Prix fair in United States: ‘You forget what a big country it is’

Three Grands Prix fair in United States: ‘You forget what a big country it is’

The United States currently has three Grands Prix on the calendar, making it the only country other than Italy to host multiple Formula 1 races. Sky Sports’ Karun Chandok believes this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although fans may not necessarily agree. “You forget how big a country is,” he says on the podcast Sky Sports.

Apart from the Grands Prix in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas, Chicago and New York are also likely to be added to the F1 calendar. Chandok points out that before people criticize, they should look at how big America is compared to countries that host only one Grand Prix. According to him, this is an important argument in justifying three races in one country.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? People ask why there are three races in America and they say we don’t need it, blah blah blah,” says the former Formula 1 driver. ‘Forget how big the country is. “When you travel to one of those cities on a weekend without a Grand Prix, you see how different they are,” he says. “They have very different demographics and attract different types of visitors from across the continent.” It’s also good for business, says Sky Sports. human being

Bingham sees Miami as his favorite Grand Prix

Chandok’s colleague Natalie Pinkham goes further and says that Miami is her favorite race now that Formula 1 has finally overtaken America. “People often ask which Grand Prix they should go to if they had to choose one,” he says. ‘I can never choose. Maybe Great Britain as I am a loyalist and grew up near Silverstone. Monaco is full of historical charm and prestige,” he continues. But Miami, that’s a different matter. “Yes, there are a lot of famous people, but with an exception or two, they know Formula 1,” concludes Bingham.

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