December 1, 2023

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Three jailed for life in black jaguar murder case in US

Three jailed for life in black jaguar murder case in US

Three white Americans have been sentenced to life in prison in early 2020 for the murder of black jaguar Ahmed Arbery in the US state of Georgia. The trio chased Arbery in pickups and shot him very close at gunpoint.

The case caused a great deal of controversy in the United States following its publication on social media. All three were convicted last November.

The judge was silent for a minute, drawing attention to the horror the victim had to endure during the eviction, and noted that there was no remorse for the “terrifying” act.

The perpetrators were gunman Travis McMichael, his father and a neighbor. They said they thought Arbery was a thief, but there was no evidence. The victim’s father spoke of a murder. According to the verdict, only the neighbor can apologize after 30 years in prison, and for the other two it is not possible. The next of kin asked for a life sentence.

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The convicted neighbor filmed the chase and shooting. When these pictures spread on the internet, all three were under suspicion. McMichael and his father were arrested shortly after the incident, but were released after their report was released. In May 2020, all three were still arrested.

Arbury’s death sparked protests. His name was frequently mentioned in protests after the death of George Floyd. Floyd, a black American, was killed in May 2020 when he was arrested by a white officer. U.S. President Joe Biden said the assassination of Arbery was “a painful reminder” that much more needs to be done in the fight against racial inequality in the United States.

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