February 1, 2023

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Three Lionesses of the Hellfire of the Ukrainian War | abroad

Three lionesses from a zoo in Ukraine have found a new home in Denmark. Knuthenborg Safari Park adopted animals from a park in the Donetsk region shortly before Christmas.

For the shelter, Knuthenborg worked with animal welfare organization Dyrenes Beskyttelse. Because of the war in Ukraine, the animals had already been removed from their enclosures at Feldman Zoo near the Ukraine-Russia border in August. Meanwhile, they were housed in a zoo in Poland.

Biologist Anne-Sophie Milvang said she was very happy that the complex and risky evacuation from Ukraine was a success. “The smaller zoo was in the middle of a war zone and the lionesses were at risk of malnutrition.”

In Denmark, lionesses are given their own territory in the enclosure for Knuthenborg tigers. It is not yet clear whether the lions will return to Ukraine after the war or will remain permanently in Knuthenburg.

look. This is not the first time that lions from zoos in Ukraine have been given a new home

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