July 21, 2024

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Three months of school holidays have begun in Spain

Three months of school holidays have begun in Spain

Schoolchildren in Spain have been furloughed again and will be able to enjoy their days off during the summer for the next three months. Currently, schoolchildren in Spain are enjoying summer vacation from approximately June 20/21 to September 11/12, i.e. three months of non-stop summer fun. For many children, it’s great to have plenty of vacation, but experts say these long periods of vacation have a negative impact on the learning process and it’s time for a change.

Most school children are still very happy to spend three months of summer vacation at a time, while there are also children who prefer to go to school with their friends. In fact, parents are not very happy about having three-month-old babies around, even if they have time for their own children. In many cases, grandfathers and grandmothers bear the brunt because parents simply have to work.

The start dates for the very long summer vacation vary from state to state, but are usually between June 20 and 22. Schools usually start again between September 11 and 15.

If it is up to experts in education, children should have much shorter vacations and the Spanish school system should adapt more to the summer holiday periods that also apply in other European countries. Spain is currently the country in Europe with the longest school holidays.

Why so long

Why do Spanish schoolchildren have so much vacation? One of the main reasons was the high temperature during the summer months, but this is no longer difficult in schools due to air conditioning available in most schools. Although not all schools are well prepared for hot weather, it also becomes apparent when it gets warmer or is still hot after the summer and some schools cannot provide cooling.

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In addition, long school holidays fit better into the agricultural calendar due to planting and harvesting periods in the summer months, while winters were quieter. In the past, in addition to school, children also had to help on the farm and in the fields. Of course, this is no longer the case these days, but the Spanish school system has remained somewhat stuck.

Good or bad

According to studies, long breaks from school are not good as routine breaks down and students simply forget what learning is all about. Many parents would also like to see the current system changed and for schools to close, as in most neighboring European countries, for a shorter period after every three months, so that students can relax and the school calendar is better distributed throughout the year.