February 6, 2023

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Three new characters from the “Masked Singer” known in one fell swoop: thanks to these tips, do you already know who’s inside?


With Soaperstar, Groot Licht and Champignon, three new characters have been added to the popular VTM show “The Masked Singer”. Twelve participants have already been announced, and the last two will have to wait a while.

Lemmance linkSource: VTM

During a fancy party at La Riva in Antwerp, three new characters of the “Masked Singer” are introduced. And while the real hunt will only begin on Friday, February 3 under the direction of showrunner Jens Dendoncker, we’re already getting some tips on the true identity of Soaperstar, Groot Licht, and Champignon.

soap star

So we have ‘soap star’, who sees life through purple glasses. She is a real star with her own kiss that is adored by millions of fans around the world. “When I arrive, the foam party can begin, because I’m the sunshine of the house. I’m up to the stars to answer all your DMs, messages, and fan mail.” Needless to say, she’s a real star on TikTok, too. “In entertainment, I know the tricks of the trade. Uh, I mean whip! And I love a game every now and then. So roll out the red carpet, hashtag meet-and-greets! Hope for a clean run, because no water is too deep for this sparkling star!”

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big light

Soaperstar is joined by Grote Licht, who resides primarily in the lab. He is a scholar with great stature and always speaks hard words. “Dear admirer of QLED and OLED technology. Great light is my double-edged designation, please! My kinetic energy is currently the speed of light approximately 300,000,000 meters per second. So no subject actually has a speed greater than light…except me.”

big light© VTM

His biggest dream? Make a new discovery someday, one that changes the world. Being able to yell “Eureka”, that’s what he lives for. Since I am moving aerodynamically, I have many nanoseconds left to improve my science studies. I really know everything. I want to double my knowledge, double it, double it… Can everyone still continue? My boundless drive to the news was the catalyst that got me here.”


Finally, we have a very cute mushroom. Fluttering butterflies, chattering, cute hobbit house: this is mushroom world. This masked singer starts his day cheerful and happy, nothing or no one can disturb his good mood. “They say my kind looks like a mushroom, but I’m one of them! I’m not Benjamin anymore, but since I was a little mushroom, I know very well what I want. And I’ll tell you: I’m living my dream! It’s like a fairy tale!”

Mushroom friends are little mushrooms who cherish them like their own children. Although Champignon loves the dark, this masked singer’s life is a large, elongated ray of sunshine.


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