July 24, 2024

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Three unaccompanied minors got lost on their way to the shelter

Three unaccompanied minors got lost on their way to the shelter

Our editors received this story from a source who had a strange incident.

“I was in the center of Overseas this afternoon around 5pm when I was approached by 3 underage boys of foreign origin.”

Our source states that these men were wearing a blue holster. “They showed me a message from Fedasil and asked me in a mixture of foreign languages ​​for directions to the ‘camp’.”

The letter included the address of the reception center in Overijsee. This is one of the Belgian centers for applicants for international protection in Belgium which is managed directly by Fedasil. It is an open reception center that can accommodate about 65 unaccompanied minors. The center is located in a former rest and care home.

The address is Homeweg 15 and it is located near Kamp Kwadraat.

Our source: “The young men were clearly lost and were a long way from Homwig.”

The letter included instructions on which buses these minors could take (for free), but that was not clear from where they were located. In short, they were lost.

Our source couldn’t really help the guys because of the language problem, and a little later they spoke to a couple who seemed somewhat familiar to them because the woman was wearing a hijab. Her husband took out his smartphone to look up the address.

In short, something is wrong with the procedure. We assume that the minors were sent from Brussels to Overijsee. The assumption is likely that they actually arrived in Brussels from their home countries (unclear according to our source), but the sequel could certainly go much smoother.

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Our source would like to point out that he did not feel unsafe at any time, but wants to tell his story because he feels uncomfortable about this incident.

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