November 27, 2022

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Thrift for your (adult) kids: 'The Inspector' gives 3 alternatives to the classic thrift book

Thrift for your (adult) kids: ‘The Inspector’ gives 3 alternatives to the classic thrift book

You can also invest your money in a file savings account. Radio2 Annelies Wijnants listener does this, for example. “I have a savings fund for teenagers. I deposit 30 euros into this fund every month. They get the money when they are 24 years old.”

“this savings plan You put the money into a fund every month, every three months, or every year, and then the money is invested for you,” Vershoren says. You can start a savings plan according to secured interest system. Or you can choose to risk more, and your money will come in the form of A fund that invests in stocks and bonds. “

You can tell where to put your money when reading investor information“, says Verschueren.” There is also some sort of rating system where you can tell if you are in a sustainable or unsustainable system. ”

what about fruit? “Stock markets are doing very badly right nowSo the payoff is now limited,” says Verschuren. In normal times, stocks On average 5 to 6 percent on me. Depending on the type of fund you have, you will get more or less return.”

Verschueren points out that the fund Not for free he is. “you have Entrance fees and management fees. Not every bank charges the same amount. So look at that carefully before you make a choice.”

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