July 23, 2024

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Tielemans makes professional earnestness its trademark

Tielemans makes professional earnestness its trademark

Youri Tielemans may not sign a new contract with Leicester City, but in his final months he has been trying to leave a legacy in a different way. On Saturday against Everton (0-2), he scored another missile with his right.


His contract with Leicester City expires in eight months, but Yuri Tillmans (25) is not that employee who cuts corners during his notice period. Quit smoking quiet Not in his character.

At his English club, they don’t see much difference between the Tielemans who first went through the door in January 2019 and the Tielemans who scored in the training complex again today. He’s still one of the first to walk up the aisle every day. After nearly four years in the sub-class, it has become a habit. In the morning, he usually leaves his eldest daughter at school first. Then he moved to the training complex in Leicester, where he arrived at a long time. Tielemans do not like fast action. By arriving early, he can eat a comfortable breakfast, do some work in the weight room, and warm up properly before hitting the training ground with his teammates.

An outsider doesn’t notice it on the field or in front of the TV, but there are reasons why (former) coaches think highly of Tielemans. Leicester City will soon comment on their final report:

In a group, regardless of his age, he takes responsibility. Even in times of crisis, he rarely plays the role of a donkey. Less often, he engages primarily in introspection rather than pointing fingers at others. Is he looking for areas for improvement? He thinks along and looks for solutions. Even now that his head has been in progress for about a year and a half.

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His Leicester business manager, Brendan Rodgers, regularly says that Tillmans’ head is old in a young man’s body. Rodgers shares a trait with national team coach Roberto Martinez: In press conferences he was (excessively) generous with praise for his players.

“Telemans is a fantastic professional,” Rodgers said last week. “A professional model, even if his contract expires soon. He has never acted differently. A great guest to work with. His dedication is there, and so is his quality.”

Tillmans attacks his judge in Goodison Park.photo news photo

With the help of James Madison and Tillmans, Leicester are out of the danger zone after a disastrous start to the season. At the back, Wout Faes’ signature provided more courage and stability. But the best midfielders are the best at their core.

Watch the match at Everton. Madison (two passes) and Tillman (a great goal) showed Leicester the way. By firing two missiles to his right, Tillmans has once again put himself in the spotlight in recent weeks. Reminding him that he has a great kick in his feet, but also that he can handle a more difficult year with ups and downs.

There were doubts after the expected move to Arsenal he did not enter into advanced negotiations. He has a right back. right on time. After all, the World Cup is coming up and Tillmans won’t have to worry much about his starting place, given his level of form.

Tielemans’ technical qualities and prospects were not in question. When he feels good about himself and when he finds the space and time to play football, he makes a team. It’s the role the national coach sees as well. Tielemans run an average of twelve kilometers per match. He sees the openings. He is an impeccable passerby. He has a great kick in his right and left foot. Defensively, he successfully intercepts balls in playmaking, and is ideal for a team that wants to impose its game on the opponent.

There is no copy

Amadou Onana (21), the other devil who was on the field on Saturday, is not an exact copy of Tillman as a midfielder. His enthusiasm is contagious, but the highs and lows of his performance curve are related to age and a newcomer to the Premier League. Onana still has time to grow. Tillman doesn’t have his fencing strength, those breakouts and being in the sixteen, but he showed Unana at Goodison Park what he has in return: drive, maturity, refined feet, accuracy and a huge criticism.

“He scores amazing goals,” Rodgers concluded. “I also think he likes to wear that captain’s badge. Some extra responsibility.”

Negotiations for a new agreement with Leicester are not currently underway. As wise, Tillmans is at least waiting for the World Cup in Qatar. He is not in a hurry. “I want nothing more than him signing a new contract,” Rodgers said last week. “But we’ll see.”

Pending a decision in the future, Tielemans continues to work happily. Prof. model. That is the legacy he wants to leave at Leicester.