September 30, 2023

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Tim Fransen lacks a clear structure

Tim Fransen lacks a clear structure

“Tonight I crawled through the eye of a needle,” comedian and philosopher Tim Fransen said at the start of his last show before the evening closing. “Tonight is the official premiere, but where the premiere usually marks the beginning of a run…” He doesn’t have to finish the sentence.

With the title of his third show human and me Francine defines two incompatible entities: this performance is about his past struggle to see something constructive in the actions of humanity. Because although some scholars believe that we can now call ourselves “Homo sapiens” (“loosely translated: the damned wise man”), according to Fransen: “Our knowledge has grown tremendously in recent centuries, but our wisdom has slowed to a point. Big In order to maintain his struggle, he in the past took a “pessimistic merry” attitude.

Until recently, he was visited by aliens in his dreams. They wanted a definitive answer from him: Does humanity add more good or more misery to the universe?

You go to Tim Fransen for a well-rounded performance with a clear structure and philosophical insights to better deal with life. How cool will its legal handles be in these turbulent times: Does it welcome the public back in peace? Will this performance say again that he graduated with distinction in Psychology and Philosophy? Is there another supermarket product on the stand that they don’t understand is there? Yes, thank you French, there is still a certainty. You can also feel the outcome of traditional French jokes coming up, but this is part of the safety package. You can put a smile on your mouth.

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good or bad

But this clear structure is there human and me A little more difficult to find than in his previous offerings. The huge central question “are human actions good or bad” must be broken down into so many sub-questions and examples (including strong recent examples of riots and conspiracy theorists), that it is hard to see the line in Fransen’s argument. Philosophical insights and extenuating circumstances only accumulate at the end of the performance, and so quickly that it becomes difficult to process all the answers. It makes for a challenging performance that would probably be best seen again, which is fine under normal circumstances, but for now…

On the other hand human and me It is Francine’s most fairytale-like performance to date, with low drones and dramatic light effects, and somewhat rich in contrast to the Disney songs he sang himself.

Fortunately, one more thing is for sure: non-honours graduates who are all going a little fast serve Francine with penis jokes. This one has a manageable performance, something with a whale and three metres, service-oriented that proclaims to be a buttery joke on the show.