December 6, 2022

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timeless splendor |  Standard

timeless splendor | Standard

Spirituality will forever be determined with authorship Ladies and gentlemen, we are flying in space† He talks about the band and this album that after a quarter of a century on this album they are getting close to that level again without changing the formula too much. Noun everything was beautiful However, it is not easy to repeat. On this open brother of the ancestor And nothing hurts Jason Pierce plays sixteen instruments and has surrounded himself with more than thirty musicians, which is a rarity after two years of corona. This approach pays off on the seven tracks, all given space to explore every corner of your headphones. The songs give off rich arrangement, catchy melodies, diversity in instrumentation and dynamics This ninth spiritual record has an immortal character. There are lovely listening songs (“Always With You” and “Crazy”), vibrant space rock (“The Best Thing You’ve Never Had”)Song) and songs that gently lift you up (“main song/insurance song”). Then there’s the concluding track “I’m Going Home Again,” which I quietly laid out after a roughly ten-minute flight. Actually everything beauty(mg)

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