September 26, 2022

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Timmy Simmons after the win: "Frankie (Dory) sent a congratulatory message to our great boss" | Jupiler Pro League

Timmy Simmons after the win: “Frankie (Dory) sent a congratulatory message to our great boss” | Jupiler Pro League

“Unbelievable,” Simmons replied to our reporter after the match. “What an end. We were late until the 90th minute, but if you keep believing in your abilities until the end, then a lot can be done in football.”

“The boys showed energy, will and faith until the last second and fought from the first minute. In the first half we were not successful in our actions and our final passes, but we showed that we can go full speed for 90 minutes. The end If we keep changing the course of the game, it is a huge compliment to the players” .

Simmons was somewhat surprised that sniper Zino Gano was seated. “We discussed it extensively, and we also had our reasons for it. The last 24 hours have been very hectic, but our plan was ready. Everyone had to get smart, and I’m glad the substitutions showed themselves. The victory is a big boost.”

Simons didn’t have much time to grind his thoughts into the team, Francky Dury resigned on Friday. “We hit hard against KVM for energy and communication with each other. The desire to win was the most important.”

“We didn’t have to calculate too much and go full throttle, that’s been our motto for the last 24 hours,” Simmons said. “The guys were really tired, but the guys we got were ready.”

“Whether we want to set up a series? I won’t think too much about the future. It is important that we finish this race feeling good, and the victory in the last second is of course better. We will continue to work all day, as we start next week.”

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Finally, has Simmons heard of Frankie Dory? “I haven’t been able to see my mobile yet,” he said, “but our big boss has already received a congratulatory letter from Frankie. And it shows him, he’s a great guy.”