February 1, 2023

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Tine Embrechts and Bart Cannaerts become new detectives in ‘The Masked Singer’: ‘They fell backwards a few times already’ | HLN’s Instagram

televisionThe detective team of The Masked Singer will soon debut with two new detectives. Former participants Bart Kannertz (42) and Tine Imprechts (47) have already made quite a few recordings. “I still don’t know if a few of them are men or women.”

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Julie van den Steen, Kevin Janssens and Andy Bellman will have new teammates. Bart Kannertz and Tyne Imprechts replace Karen Damen and Ruth Beckmans as the new detectives. A happy meeting between the two, for one crawled into Cyclops’ suit last year, and the other was allowed to sing it for six weeks as Flamme Fatale. Sharing was a no-brainer, says Tyne Embrechts.

She shakes her head: “I didn’t hesitate a moment.” “I had a lot of fun in that crazy universe last year and was just curious if it was fun on the other side of the stage.” Archways gestures. “I said yes last year without much thought and didn’t regret that crazy adventure for a second. So when they asked me to join the search, I said yes right away. I also want to experience this side of this crazy circus.”

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Kevin Jansen, Bart Kannertz, Julie van den Steen, Andy Bellman, and Tyne Embrechts. © VTM

Many names

The two are part of a rotating group of five “regular” detectives, three or four of whom get a seat in each episode. The group is also supplemented by the so-called “Mystery Investigators”, who join us at once. Investigators do more than just guess, Taine recalls from her post last year. “When you put on a jumpsuit like that, they are the first to give an opinion on your singing performance. Often you really break down from the tension and then the nice comments can really do you good. I hope to do the same with the new nominees.”

But both agree that it is a very difficult task. “I’m afraid I’m too sensitive to tunnel vision: sticking too tightly to one name and only listening to advice that works with that one name,” says Kannertz. “But I understand that Jens didn’t pass in previous years either, so if I’m really sloppy, I can still apply next time (laughs).”

When exactly Season 3 will start, VTM doesn’t want to say yet, but the two have already completed enrollments. “It’s really very difficult,” Embrechts already gave a veiled glance. “At home you have time to watch videos twenty times and analyze every tone, but in our earphones it is almost impossible to recognize a person. I still don’t even know for some voices whether it is a man or a woman (laughs).

“I certainly won’t be awarded Best Detective,” Embrechts continues succinctly. “But my tactic is to be completely absorbed in the moment and, above all, to call many names. Perhaps quantity outweighs quality (laughs), because I must admit that I am not very familiar with all the people and details of the world of entertainment.”

Thankless work

Imprechts says she “really bled a few times” from both the votes and the revelations. “Yes, you often have to think beyond the singers. From the outside? Of course I can’t say anything about that yet.” During the recordings, Tine of course also saw new presenter Jens Dendoncker in action on a full scale. “He was entrusted with the undesirable, almost impossible task of succeeding Niels,” says Imprechts. “Showbiz, magic, singing on stage…that’s really 1,000 percent a Niels thing. Jens does it in his own way and it’s very different from Niels, but he does it really cool. The viewers are going to enjoy.”

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