June 8, 2023

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Toblerone triangle bars will soon lose Swiss identity

Toblerone triangle bars will soon lose Swiss identity

The famous Toblerone triangle chocolate bars will soon come to life without the “Switzerland” text. From next year, a part will also be produced in Slovakia.

American owner Mondelez not only wants to produce world-famous bars at his current factory in Bern, but also wants to expand to Slovakia from next year. To be able to produce more, it seems so.

According to Mondelez, the announced move is necessary to meet the growing international demand, but it is very sensitive in Switzerland. Since 1908, Toblerone has been manufactured only in Bern. This is also mentioned on the packaging.

Now Toblerone is pursuing successful Swiss products such as Milka. These chocolates are no longer only made in Switzerland and therefore can no longer be sold as Swiss chocolate. Toblerone is more sensitive because the logo contains a Matterhorn and a bear than the Bern logo, as De Telegraaf knows.

Seven billion Toblerone plates are manufactured each year, 97 percent of which are exported to 120 countries. Triangular rails, for example, can be purchased at duty-free shops in almost every airport in the world. According to Mondelez, a Toblerone strip is sold every two seconds in such stores.

In order to continue to meet this global demand, production will take place in Bern as well as at the new plant in Slovakia from next year.

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