July 19, 2024

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Todd Howard talks about the success of Fallout, the second expansion for Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6

Todd Howard talks about the success of Fallout, the second expansion for Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6

Todd Howard, legendary game director at Bethesda Game Studios, was a guest of YouTuber MrMattyPlays on the last day for an interview about Bethesda franchises, TV shows, and upcoming projects.

The interview can be viewed below. Todd Howard made some interesting statements in the conversation that lasted over an hour. For example, Howard talked about Fallout 5, The Elder Scrolls 6, and Year 2 of Starfield. We have listed all the interesting data for you below:

  • The Stattered Space expansion for Starfield is only the first;
  • The plan is set to come with several major expansions, and the next major expansion and Year 2 updates for Starfield are already planned;
  • In terms of content, Shattered Space is the same as the Far Harbor expansion in Fallout 4;
  • Shattered Space has been in development for over a year.
  • The expansion takes place on one planet;
  • The planet is handcrafted for an intense experience;
  • Regarding the success of Fallout through the Amazon TV show, Howard stated that Fallout has never been more popular;
  • Fallout 5 is something he and the community want, but the team isn’t going to rush this game;
  • Millions of new players have joined the Fallout games due to the success of the TV series;
  • Fallout 76 will be supported for years to come with updates and new content;
  • Bethesda games were played by more than 25 million players last month;
  • Starfield has 14 million players so far;
  • The average player has spent 40 hours in Starfield;
  • Howard personally plays Diablo IV, Forza, and Red Dead Redemption 2;
  • Remastering or remastering older Fallout and The Elder Scrolls games is an option, but not a priority at this time;
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 will be a huge technological leap compared to Starfield;
  • Much of Starfield’s technology is prequel to The Elder Scrolls 6;
  • Howard doesn’t want to confirm whether The Elder Scrolls 6 will run on the old creation engine;
  • Production on The Elder Scrolls 6 began at the same time as Starfield;
  • Bethesda Game Studios led by Todd Howard currently consists of 5 teams (Starfield, The Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 76, mobile and third-party partnerships);
  • According to Howard, introducing microtransactions ensures teams can continue creating new content.
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It is not known when The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 will be released. It seems that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released first and then Fallout 5 will be fully taken care of. In the meantime, Fallout 76 and Starfield are being supported with new updates and expansions.