June 10, 2023

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Tom Hanks Unveils His First Novel (Based on His Own Experiences from the World of Film) | showbiz

literatureHollywood actor Tom Hanks, 66, breaks loose with his first novel, “making another major masterpiece.” In 2018 he began writing the book, which is based in part on his own experiences from the world of cinema. “I wrote between films,” he told the BBC.

After the two-time Academy Award winner had already released a collection of short stories in 2017 — titled Uncommon Type — he decided to write his first novel in 2018. “I would write between movies wherever I was. I wrote on planes, at home, on holidays, and in hotel rooms.” And on long weekends when I wasn’t working.”

Hollywood experiences

The story revolves around the production of an expensive superhero movie. Although the characters are fictional, the collection—which runs no fewer than 448 pages—was inspired in part by his own experiences in Hollywood. “I chose all the iconic moments that were described, from a movie.” He continues, “Not everyone is at their best in a movie that gets shot every day. There were days when I tried to be professional when there was a lot going on in my personal life. It’s not always possible for me to play a role where I have to be funny, charming or loving.” “.

Hanks describes different types of actors. For example, an eccentric director and a righteous male actor are discussed, but he also writes about alcoholics and emotional wrecks. Even sexual abuse is discussed.

look. Tom Hanks reacts ferociously when his wife is pushed.

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