July 12, 2024

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Tom Stiles: “Paris-Roubaix in the rain is a life-threatening match” |  Paris Rubix

Tom Stiles: “Paris-Roubaix in the rain is a life-threatening match” | Paris Rubix

Paris-Roubaix is ​​one of the last big dates on this weekend’s cycling calendar. “Because of the rain, it’s going to be a release we’ll remember for a long time,” says Tom Stills, sports director at Deceuninck-Quick Step.

“After 3 to 4 sections, a small peloton will remain”

We had to wait 2.5 years for this, but this weekend is today. Then we can finally enjoy the spectacle again on the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix.

“The cobblestones will look different on Sunday than they did in the spring,” says Tom Stills of the De Tribune. “And rain is expected, so it’s going to be a very special edition.”

“I myself rode Paris-Roubaix twice in the rain. Before the race, there were plasters on my elbows and knees, because you have a 50 percent chance of falling. Having a Paris-Roubaix in the rain is life-threatening.”

“There will also be high winds on Sunday. After 3 to 4 sections there will only be a very small peloton left.”

“So it will definitely be an incredibly frenetic and dangerous race. Because of the rain it will also be a version that we will remember for a long time.”

The riders had a lot of fun on Sunday. They will have one leg at the World Cup for the next few days.

Tom Stills

“What I hear from the riders is that it’s not easy to click on Paris-Roubaix after the World Cup,” Stills says.

“The Knights had a lot on Sunday. They will still have one World Cup game in the coming days. The survey will then allow the Knights to focus on Rubiks.”

‘No more pressure on Lambert with a TV show’

Which army of spearheads will the Deceuninck-Quick Step go to De Hel on Sunday? “Lampaert, Ballerini, Asgreen, Stybar…”, summarizes the Steels.

Is there a lot of pressure on Lambert’s shoulders? “It’s not because there’s a show (a section in Everyone Famous) about a contestant that he’s going to get a different spot with us.”

“Yves is of course one of the leaders in our squad for that match. Paris-Roubaix is ​​the match that suits him incredibly well.”

“But you also have someone like Sénéchal on our squad. Our strong squad has always been our strength. And that will also be the case on Sunday.”

“Eve will be one of the strong men on our team who will be on standby and keep going at the right moments.”

“But I don’t think the pressure will be greater with Eve because a program is being put in place about it. Fortunately, the pressure is always split between the many riders.”

For Sénéchal, Paris-Roubaix is ​​the race of his dreams. Give a name to each pebble.

Tom Stills

“If Florian Senchal can make a cobblestone bed and sleep on it, he will.”

“It comes from that region and gives a name to every cobble stone that is there. For Sénéchal, this is the race of his dreams.”

Bertelli: “Farewell to Hur, Kubiki with extra motivation”

On Saturday, the riders will be presented with Paris-Roubaix stones for the first time. Jolien D’hoore’s last game. Carl Berteele is looking forward to the first edition in De Tribune.

“I was fortunate enough to speak with Anna van der Bregen on Saturday, and she is also a wonderful person saying goodbye. Julian Dehor can stand by her. In Belgium, we must definitely pay attention to her goodbyes.”

It’s also worth looking for Lotte Kopecky. “She’s a favorite on Saturday. Kubicki was bitten after setbacks in the games and she couldn’t correct it at the World Cup.”

“Paris-Roubaix is ​​her big dream, but of course she’s still young. She often gets a chance to lead this race.”

“She may have extra motivation to show again on Saturday that it has been a good year for her.”

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