February 2, 2023

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TomTom loses due to declining car production – tablets and phones – news

You may have improved in the meantime. My results are below:

For me, the following things were the most important in the navigation app, something TomTom used to do well on their navigation devices:

  • Clear information about the arrival time, taking into account delays and traffic jams. So you can make good choices about your route
  • Visualize traffic jams and their impact on your arrival time
  • Information about speed cameras, especially the line on the right to show average speed during speed checks

Since you may already be able to read, Apple Maps hardly provides these functions. Google Maps often doesn’t do this well either. So at the moment I don’t have a clear view of my arrival time. Yes, Apple Maps shows when you’ll arrive, but I can’t see the impact of traffic congestion on the road. Does this file cost you 1 minute or 10 minutes? It is still important when determining the path. Additionally, Apple Maps is really bad at showing speed cameras and doesn’t actually show anything about speed checks.

Then go back to the free TomTom trial you did in the summer of last year. My feeling was that TomTom’s powerful right-hand bar had a lot less functionality. Schematically, the bar was really wrong, but I could see the traffic jams and their effect on my way. During the speed checks, the app only showed that there was a speed check, but not how fast you drove on average during the section. Finally, there were a variety of different issues with the app. The interface didn’t work well and was slow/late.

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This may have been fixed now and is a great app, but at the time I didn’t think it was worth the money. So the choice was not to get the features in a paid app, or not to get them in a free app. Then the selection is made quickly. Apple Maps also offers some native functionality that I use often, such as standard integration with Shortcuts.

Maybe one day I’ll give the TomTom app another chance, but I found the first experience really disappointing.