September 30, 2022

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Tonight's overview |  Sirens Air raids in every Ukrainian region New mayor in Melitopol after kidnapping

Tonight’s overview | Sirens Air raids in every Ukrainian region New mayor in Melitopol after kidnapping

At night from Saturday to Sunday, sirens sounded in almost every Ukrainian region. It was also said that several areas were bombed. An overview of the main events in last night’s war between Russia and Ukraine.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, according to The Kyiv Independent, it reverberated in nearly every region of the country. Air raid sirens† This was the case in Lviv, Poltava, Kharkov, Kramatorsk, Zhytomyr, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Chernihiv, Dnipro and Kiev, among others. Residents were called to move to the nearest air raid shelter last night Russian bombing In the cities of Severodonetsk and Rubezny in the Lugansk region, dozens of apartments were damaged and large fires broke out, according to the Ukrainian emergency services. In the western city of Lviv, there were also several early Sunday mornings Explosions to hear. According to Ukrainian media, the city was hit by several missiles.

It was also said that Russian units attempted to attack southeastern Ukraine on Saturday night Storming the city of Mariupol† This is what the Ukrainian General Staff says. The information has not been independently verified. According to the Ukrainians, a new Russian offensive is also imminent in Sheferodonetsk, a city of 100,000 inhabitants in the eastern region of Luhansk, as well as in Wohledar, in the neighboring Donetsk region. Prior to the Russian invasion, the two regions were already partially in the hands of pro-Russian separatists. In the south of the country, Russia is said to be engaged in an offensive against the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih. Ukraine’s General Staff says these efforts have so far been unsuccessful.

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It was also announced last night about the city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine new mayor she has. The former mayor, Ivan Fedorov, The Ukrainian armed forces reported that Russian forces were kidnapped on Friday Because he is suspected of terrorism. The new mayor, Galina Danilsenko, is a former member of the local council and is said to have been appointed by the Russian military.

Last night a few things were clarified too An evacuation convoy was bombed† Ukraine alleged that Russia bombed such a convoy on Saturday as it attempted to leave a village northwest of Kyiv. Seven people died as a result. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry later had to correct these allegations. It appears that civilians were not in a humanitarian corridor.

Politically, NATO President Jens Stoltenberg Then he said again that Russia is possible chemical weapons can publish. Stoltenberg explains, however, that it would be a war crime.

President Zelensky had a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett† He asked the Israelis to help release the Ukrainian hostages and also indicated that Jerusalem could be a potential location for peace negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is also worth noting that President Zelensky issued a decree appointing Sergeant Derosova Inna Nikolaevna to the post The first woman to bear the title of “Hero of Ukraine”, the highest honorary title in Ukraine. The woman, a military doctor, received the title posthumously.