September 30, 2023

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Too dry hemp loses quality: think terpenes

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aThe latest GreenTech 2022 news I spoke to Kate HolstBoveda representative. The product range consists of aids to achieve and maintain the correct moisture level, among other things, for hemp, tobacco and other dried plant products.

Boveda packaging is probably the industry standard for moisture regulation. In closed containers, you therefore have a stable and continuous climate for short and medium term storage. I’ve known them for years from the tobacco industry. For consumers, they are used to ensure good air quality in the humidor (a luxury cigar box). Nowadays there is also a competitor in the form of the Integra, which does almost the same thing but is slightly different.

Higher levels of THC due to very dry cannabis

Today I noticed a message from her on LinkedIn:

Kate is right – the quality of hemp or other plant-based organic products is affected by the moisture content. Coffee beans, tea, and dried fruits all benefit from an optimal moisture balance in storage and transportation to preserve flavors.

Let’s talk about her comment for a moment: 60-90 percent of the terpenes a plant produces are lost between harvest and the end of the drying process. Cannabis lovers, as well as wine aficionados and other connoisseurs, swear by terpenes. Thus, extra attention is not an unnecessary luxury.

Humidity in the experiment

Therefore humidity is also important for the closed coffee chain (EGC) experience. Not only for farmers, but also for cafes and the consumer at the end.

So the humidity is also important for the closed coffee chain experience

It is important for growers to maintain and maintain the moisture level, otherwise you may get a batch skew compared to your inspection report. See also the comment in Kate’s post where farmers make produce that is too dry to artificially raise THC levels.

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For cafes, we already see that a partial stock of 10 grams is used to ensure freshness. For example, with sampling inside the EGC, humidity will also be very important. This is the only way in which the consumer can correctly evaluate the product and receive appropriate information about it.

There is still a lot to be gained by the consumer. There is a possibility that the range of cafe products within the EGC will be larger than before. With stable breeding results, the consumer may also vary more with species. Then comes the need to store products for shorter periods – just like a cigar box.

Extra focus on terpenes

While there is no obligation to list terpenes and cannabinoids other than THC and CBD, this is what defines the products’ intrinsic differentiation. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to terpenes and therefore also good humidity in all processes, including home storage.

So let’s give sellers, and dealers, the space in the selling process to name the qualities of the products. To mention point 1 from Kate: Think beyond the content of THC and take the customer into the realm of the taste experience.

So it might also be interesting for cafes to include accessories in the range. Although there are plenty of smart (online) stores that also offer these products.