December 6, 2022

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Too lackluster, too pricey: Balenciaga's latest sneakers |  fashion beauty

Too lackluster, too pricey: Balenciaga’s latest sneakers | fashion beauty

You can safely call Balenciaga the maverick among the major fashion brands. The brand, based in Paris, has already brought controversial designs to the market before, Like a “plastic bag” for 990 euros. And at the previous Met Gala, reality star Kim Kardashian wore a black dress that covered her from head to toe. These new sneakers also fit into that weird roster.

It’s a shoe similar to the Allstars from Converse, but in a very worn-out version. The shoe was called “Paris” and comes in different shapes. For the more dilapidated black and white version, the Limited Edition Paris High Top Sneaker Full Destroyed (totally ruined, therefore) pays out $1,850 (converted about $1,750).

you can do it here Pre-order, but only one hundred pairs of both versions will be sold. By the way, according to the press release sent by Balenciaga, the shoes look very worn because they are meant to be “wearable for life.” If you find it a bit extreme, you can also opt for the less worn out version. Its cost was only 625 dollars (about 590 euros).

The Internet has already said its word. “I hope this is a joke because I can literally show you five homeless people who now wear better shoes than trash can sneakers,” a tweeter said. Another person wrote: “Balenciaga is a social experiment, there is no other way.” Designer brands are so indifferent. Rich people make fun of being poor by paying $1,800 for devastating havoc. (Allstars, editor).