June 5, 2023

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Top 4 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 21 2023)

Scrape your way out of the escape rooms and keep track of how much you eat. You can read about that and more in this week’s edition of the best Android apps and games.

Read on after the announcement.

1. Calorie counter

Summer is coming and maybe that’s why you want to look your best. It might mean losing a few pounds for you. To gain insight into how much you’re eating, keeping track of your calories can be helpful. With a calorie counter, you can keep track of exactly what you’re eating, accurate calorie amounts, and more.

Through the application on your smartphone, you indicate what you eat and the type of food. This way you know if you are eating too much fat, if you are getting enough protein and if you are getting enough energy from your food. You can also easily scan the snack bar code to digitally register the ingredients. good luck!

Calorie counter – chronometer

Chronometer Software Inc.

2. Collect the escape cube

Do you like combo puzzle or escape room? Then check out Cube Escape Collection on the Play Store. The app is a collection of all Cube Escape games from Dutch makers. Put your brain to work and solve the puzzles.

Cube Escape Collection - Promo Edition

The games are challenging but not impossible and they all have an exciting theme. Discover the step-by-step solutions to follow the story, but don’t worry: you can always ask for a hint if you don’t get it right.

3. Bolt

Bolt is known as the transfer app. For example, the company offers shared bikes, but also offers car rides. You’ve previously planned these trips for when you want to leave, but starting this week there’s also an option to book a flight in advance.


The new functionality allows you to plan your trip well in advance, so you don’t have to be late for appointments, outings or family gatherings. I’m back from a plane trip. Then there are special pick-up locations available in Schiphol.

Bolt: Rides on demand

bolt technology

4. Hocus Pocus

You may be familiar with the Penrose triangle. It’s that seemingly infinite three-dimensional triangle that’s hard to understand. Hocus puzzle app is full of these types of shapes and adds a challenging element to it.

useless things.  For iOS / Android / Windows / MAC

As a player, your goal is to get from one side to the other. Only parts of the figure are connected a little differently than you might think. Challenge your mind and complete the Penrose puzzles in the Hocus game for Android.

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