September 28, 2022

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Top Belgian talent Alec Siegert emerges as a rookie for the pilot European title with promises

Top Belgian talent Alec Siegert emerges as a rookie for the pilot European title with promises


Belgian Alec Siegart, 19, became the European champion in the time test among the under-23 riders on Thursday in Anadia, Portugal. The European Junior Trial Champion won by a wide margin.

Vincent van Genstensource: BELGA

After the Belgian juniors had already secured two rhythm-time medals on the opening day of the European Youth Championship in Nadia, the day ended gloriously for the Belgians with Siegert’s victory in the men’s under-23s. As a promising new rider from West Flanders, he was one of the youngest riders in the field, but was still the fastest by a large margin in a challenging 22 kilometer trial.

The Segaert took 27:26 in his chrono test, which is good for an average speed of over 48 kph. He was no less than fifty seconds faster than the holder of the second number, Croatian Fran Mihojevic. Frenchman Eddie Le Huytos finished third with a time of 51 seconds. The second Belgian, Jonathan Verveen, also did an excellent job: he was on the road 1:10 longer than Siegert and was fifth out of 43 participants.

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Segaert, who plays for the Lotto Soudal coaching team, is booked as a great demo talent. Last year, he won the European trial title in Trento, Italy, in the junior ranks, then against Sian Oijtdebroeks. Earlier this year, Segaert had already won the Belgian title against the clock in his first year in the U23 class and finished second in the time test at the Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux.

In time for the women’s under-23 trial in Anadia, he won the European title for Dutch cyclist/road racer Sheren Van Aneroy on Thursday. With fourth place in 1:03 from Van Anroe, Flemish West Shari Bossuet fell to the podium.


Unbelievable,” Segaert said on the Lotto Soudal website. “I was really very happy that I was able to win the title when I was a sophomore last year, and now I’m doing it as a freshman in U23. I wasn’t expecting it at all and certainly not by fifty seconds. That’s crazy. Before that, I thought it would be It’s great to ride on the podium, because the opponent is strong.”

“We had no previous international time experience as a reference this season, but I have raced with them in races like the Giro. Winning such an advantage is beyond words. I am very proud of this achievement.”

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