July 25, 2024

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Total surprise when Aldi Outlet opens: Customers load carts full, shop closes for even an infected customer (Deurne)

Total surprise when Aldi Outlet opens: Customers load carts full, shop closes for even an infected customer (Deurne)

The opening of the Aldi pop-up store was an immediate surprise on the first day. On Saturday, Aldi opened an outlet store in Deurne for non-food products that he was unable to sell during Corona. It has been on hold since opening. By midday, the place had become so crowded that customers were being held at the door until things calmed down in the store.

As if Deurne and the entire surrounding area received a note that the Aldi store was opening on Saturday. Since the early morning, there has been a long queue for the buffer where the supermarket chain sells non-food products at bargain prices.

Parking and security were provided and even Aldi staff were deployed to manage the flow of cars, but it was still difficult to get everyone through the store and bypass the cash register in a quiet way.

© Joris Heregoods

The client is injured

It became chaotic in Merksemsesteenweg, especially at noon. There was almost no room for maneuvering in the store, even one customer was slightly injured. She cut her hand on one of the products in the crowd. Then the employees decided to close the store doors for a while until the inside calmed down again.

This resulted in wait times of over an hour with queues of at least 150 customers whose patience was severely tested. Meanwhile, customer after customer pours out a shopping cart filled with garden tables, music boxes, suitcases and more. Because that’s what this outlet is all about, the dirt cheap products that Aldi couldn’t sell during Corona.

Waiting at the cash registers.

Waiting at the cash registers. © Joris Heregoods

‘Worth the effort to join’

“The prices are very attractive so it is worth the wait and line up. We bought garden tables, garden benches, bluetooth bins, baby clothes, bath mat and smoke detectors. Maybe other things too, but I already forgot about these. This bamboo bathroom rug costs Only 6 euros, and a park bench 20 euros,” says Natalie Kikins, 34, outside, who herself works at Aldi.

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“But we also have to join in as customers so we can buy products. I’m glad I don’t have to work here today because it’s so busy inside. We couldn’t make a single aisle in the store because there were too many people. We’ll come home satisfied with all those new things. “.

Natalie Kikins and her husband.

Natalie Kikins and her husband. © Joris Heregoods

Corona numbers

Meanwhile, Chris D has been queuing for over an hour in front of the store. “They could have handled it a little better here. I’m thinking of more cash registers, for example. Or selling a portion of it online. It’s also probably more convenient to work with a list of products in advance so everyone knows exactly what’s for sale. Now that I have The aura numbers went up again, it’s not good to be here in the middle of this crowd,” he says.

Why would he want to spend a Saturday in front of a crowded outlet store? “I am a persistent person, and sometimes you just have to persevere. I would like an umbrella for the garden.”