December 3, 2023

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Touchscreen stuck in the rain: OnePlus has the solution

Touchscreen stuck in the rain: OnePlus has the solution

Have you ever had a smartphone screen get wet, for example in the rain or after washing dishes? OnePlus offers the solution to the difficult operation of your smartphone in such situations. Read here what they are made of and how.

Read on after the announcement.

OnePlus screen not recording raindrops

You probably recognize it: You’re on your way and it’s starting to rain. Once the raindrops hit your screen, they start stuttering, and pressing random buttons makes them almost impossible to use. Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus comes with a new function that puts an end to this problem: “Rain Water Touch”.

on the social networking platform Weibo OnePlus has officially announced the feature. This was done using video. The new OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is shown to the left of the screen. This smartphone is not coming to the Netherlands, but it does come with a new anti-rain feature. The right one iPhone 14 Pro Without this screen technology. To imitate rain, both smartphones are exposed to some heavy jets of water.

The video does not burden us. Using a phone without the Rain Water Touch is difficult in these wet conditions, and logging in and recording calls is difficult. The technology behind the new OnePlus display can improve the user experience for consumers in many situations.

It is also possible that OnePlus will implement this technology on the smartphones that appear internationally. For example, on the manufacturer’s next top device: OnePlus 12. However, the manufacturer has not yet commented on this.

What are the alternatives?

The Rain Water Touch functionality on the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro works with OnePlus’ so-called “compatible touch screen”. The manufacturer does not disclose how accurately the screen can distinguish water from finger touches. We hope that other smartphone manufacturers will also implement this feature.

Until then, you can reasonably protect your smartphone from rain by using third-party apps, for example while on the go. Do you have your smartphone in the phone holder on your bike?

Then you can use apps like Touch Blocker to prevent any touches on your phone at all. Fear not, because you can always clear the blockage. You can do this by tapping the lock on the screen twice.

Touch Blocker – Block touches

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what do you think? Every smartphone maker should have such a screen or are you not bothered by this issue? Tell us in the comments and add Android Planet to your Google News Feed to get the latest Android news.

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