December 9, 2022

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Tour de France Femmes: cobbled roads and mountains announce more excitement |  Tour de France 2022

Tour de France Femmes: cobbled roads and mountains announce more excitement | Tour de France 2022

Tour de France: stage 4

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your location 13:10: Troy – 16:25: Bar sur Aub


“There are no easy days in the Tour,” yellow jersey Marianne Voss said yesterday. Today is no different: between Troyes and Bar-sur-Aube, the peloton is sent across cobbled roads and plenty of calf-biting. With her motocross experience, that might be a thing for Vos again, although everyone seems to be able to win or fall in this round. Follow the ride from start at 1.10pm, from 2.15pm on One and with Stream. Radio 1 will be available from 3 pm.

  1. It’s 12 noon 42.
  2. 12 noon 41. Lotte Kobeki: “The risk of a puncture is ten times greater than the risk of a puncture in Roubaix.”

    Lotte Kubicki: “The risk of a puncture is 10 times greater here than in Roubaix”

  3. 12:00 40. The center of gravity is only present in the second part of the race. The tension will increase after about 60 kilometers, when he follows the average enemy at Bar-sur-Seine. Only after 67 kilometers do cobbled roads and pillars appear. & nbsp; .
  4. 12 noon 33. Strady Bianch. The cobbled roads immediately remind cycling enthusiasts of the Strade Bianche. Lotte Kobeki also has good memories of that. Our compatriot won this classic in March after a captivating duel with the anime Van Vleuten. Kopecky also explored this stage earlier. & nbsp; “You might get lucky and lose a lot of time, or you can get lucky and gain time. Sections are different from Strade Bianche sections, so after a bit of this exploration I was shocked. There are risks associated with these streaks,” the SD Worx rider said yesterday. .
  5. 12 noon 26. Watch the live broadcast at 2.15 pm. From start to finish, you are in the right place to follow the race with text. At 2.15pm there are pictures. You can watch the live broadcast on this page or on One. Robin van Gucht and Ein Payne are the commentators. Radio 1 picks up at 3 pm. .
  6. It’s 12 noon 18.
  7. 12:00 17. Van Vleuten was killed by disease in the third stage. The anime Van Vleuten had a tough day yesterday. On the final ascent, Mont-Bernon, the new Giro Donne winner, had to be released. Nobody saw it coming. On the climb descent, the Dutchman managed to come back, but the rising finish was a knockout. Van Vleuten finally came in 20 seconds behind winner Otrop Ludwig. & nbsp; Van Vleuten said after the trip that she has been feeling sick since Sunday. In Stage Two, I thought for a moment about giving up, but the 39-year-old Movistar rider just doesn’t. Yesterday I felt a little better. How do you appear today? Van Vleuten is currently ninth, at 1’14” off captain Marianne Vos.
  8. 12 noon 11. General classification. 1. Marianne Voss 2. Silvia Persico +16” 3. Cassia Niviadoma +16” 4. Elisa Longo Borghini +21” 5. Ashley Mullmann +51” 6. Mavi Garcia +55” 7. Demi Fullering +57” 8. Juliette Lapus + 1’05” 9. Annemiek van Vleuten + 1’14” 10. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig + 1’48”.
  9. 12 a.m. 06. David de Baer (Plantor Bora mechanic): “They drive with the wheels we use at Paris-Roubaix.”

    David de Baer (Plantour Bora mechanic): “They drive the wheels we use at Paris-Roubaix.”

  10. 12 03. De Wilde cleverly wins over the white shirt. Julie de Wilde (Blantor Bora) is seen as the reveal of this tour. Our countrywoman has already shown herself in the past three stages. On the Champs-Elysées, I sped off to the handsome 15th. In Provence, she did better with a seventh place finish. She left some big names behind. & nbsp; Yesterday it was even more special for the 19-year-old rider. After a tough race, she finished 14th and took the white jersey from Mike van der Doyen (Le Cole Wahoo). She is the youngest contestant in the peloton. De Wilde is 16 seconds ahead of Sweden’s Julie Borgström (AG Insurance-NXTG). Prior to the start of the tour, Sherine Van Anroe was seen as the frontrunner to win the youth classification. The Dutch are currently fourth with a time of 33 seconds from De Wilde. De Wilde takes 13th place in the general classification. She is also the first Belgian. .
  11. 11 p. 58.
  12. 11 am 56. Departure at 1 pm. Riders depart at 1pm in Troyes. The official start came after 10 minutes. They are expected to reach Bar-sur-Aube around 16:15 after 4 gravel sections and 5 poles. .
  13. 11 p.m. 55. Michel Cornelis: “De Wilde didn’t really surprise me, in Dwars door Vlaanderen it was really, really good and that’s at that age.”

    Michel Cornelis: “De Wilde didn’t really surprise me, in Dwars Door Vlaanderen she was also very good and at that age”

  14. 11:00 47.
  15. 11 Q 45. Fourth stage: pebbles and 5 piasters. Yesterday, the riders produced a great spectacle in the third stage of the Tour de France. Today will not be different, the first obstacles do not appear until after 67 km, of course. & nbsp; 5 ramps are offered to riders today. In addition, they also have to complete 4 gravel slides, suitable for 12.9 kilometers of gravel. & nbsp; Today the Peloton will cover 126.8 kilometers between Troyes and Bar-sur-Aube. .
  16. 09:30 Live broadcast on all Sporza channels. Catch the ride from the start at 1.10pm On this page, starting at 2.15pm we’ll also be telecasting One with commentaries by Ruben Van Gucht and Ine Beyen. Radio 1 will be there from 3 pm with commentary by Jonas Maes. .
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